Sunday, 9 August 2009

Battle of the Bands...

(...Well, orchestras, really...but what the hell?)

So, ladies and gentlemen, in the red corner... He's big, he's round, he invented the lush discotheque sound....

Mister Ba-rr-y White and his Love Unlimited Ochestra!!!!!

..and in the blue corner...

Your mother bought you a synthesizer? Who'd she get in to advise her?? Of course, who else but...

The League Unlimited Orchestra!!

Let battle commence!

Bring it on up [MP3]


Things that dreams are made of [MP3]

Who will win?

Only *you* can decide....



  1. The second one had brilliant stereo separation but was a bit pedestrian so I vote for Band 1 with the funky guitar. It also evokes the feeling I get when I listen to Chris Evans at Tea Time ... "Bring it on Up!"

  2. O fuck, but the LEAGUE, mon frere, le LEAGUE!